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June loves Enid Collins

30 Sep

Vintage Enid Collins Bag

{Vintage Enid Collins bag-photo credit: Picnic by Ellie}

When I dream of all the collections I will have, a shelf full of Enid Collins purses top the list of things I want to own. I currently lusting  after all of these beauties…

Enid Collins Pavan Box Purse

Enid Collins Pavan Box Purse from Purple Deer Vintage

{click through any of the pictures to the stores!}

Tres Flores Enid Collins

Tres Flores by Collins of Texas from Lefty Lou Vintage

Jewel Garden Enid Collins

Jewel Garden by Enid Collins from Etta Blue

And, until you can find your own authentic bag to love, check out Naughty Secretary’s Club “I Love to Create” feature on making your own Enid Collin’s inspired creation!


Everyday Vintage: Pyrex and Popcorn

29 Sep

Besides “my grandmother had a bowl like that,” the most most common thing I hear when people come to my house is wonderment that I actually use the items I collect. While my collections do make for great shelf displays and conversation pieces, I don’t want them to be mere place keepers. As I start this blog, one of my aims is to share inspiration on how to incorporate the things we love into real life and I have decided to make my first “series” to be one sharing how I {and, in the future, other inspirational people around the big ole’ web!} use the things in my life that have history, meaning and significance to brighten up my day to day life. I hope you’ll enjoy a little Everyday Vintage…

Today was dark, wet and had the first chill of the season…perfect for cuddling on the couch with a big bowl of popcorn in one of my favorite large Pyrex bowls: Daisy!

Do you use the things you collect everyday? How do you feel about using something that may be special or one of a kind on a routine basis? I would love to hear from you!

Crafting a Vintage-Inspired Office

29 Sep

While I love the lazy days of summer, I really get motivated when fall comes around to get things organized around the house. I enjoy using thrifted, vintage and upcycled goodies around the house-both for the aesthetic and the fact that I believe in supporting the businesses behind these goods. Here is a little inspiration from the vintage and indie business world to spruce up your work space:

{Photo: Credit}

Vintage Globe from Vital Vintage on Etsy $28.00

Sustainable Wallpaper from Mini Moderns

Packaging and Gift Wrap Mixed Bag from Olive Manna $39.00

And, of course, a scarf to boost your typing production:

Vintage Pink Royal Typewriter Ad

Vintage Royal Typewriter Ad via flickr

Enjoy! Heather