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Sunday Gratitudes

1 May

Source: via Carrie on Pinterest

Today I am thankful for:

  • living near the beach
  • update (with apps!) to my Nook
  • strawberry season
  • we got {military moving} orders!!!
  • my family {permanent and temporary}
  • fresh flowers from the farmers market
  • being done with classes this semester
  • it being May!

{If you want a cute booklet to print to help you write down some gratitude, check out this printable from Whisker Graphics!}

What are you thankful for?


Vintage Poster Re-Do: Free Printables

5 Oct
I am having a little medical procedure {nothing big but the prep hasn’t been fun!} so I am doing a little quick post to share these cute vintage poster re-do’s.  These free printables feature some of my favorite things: Daisy Janie design, a little vintage Rosie, and sarcasm!

{photo credit: Daisy Janie}

Find the printables here…Enjoy!

Everyday Vintage: Pyrex and Popcorn

29 Sep

Besides “my grandmother had a bowl like that,” the most most common thing I hear when people come to my house is wonderment that I actually use the items I collect. While my collections do make for great shelf displays and conversation pieces, I don’t want them to be mere place keepers. As I start this blog, one of my aims is to share inspiration on how to incorporate the things we love into real life and I have decided to make my first “series” to be one sharing how I {and, in the future, other inspirational people around the big ole’ web!} use the things in my life that have history, meaning and significance to brighten up my day to day life. I hope you’ll enjoy a little Everyday Vintage…

Today was dark, wet and had the first chill of the season…perfect for cuddling on the couch with a big bowl of popcorn in one of my favorite large Pyrex bowls: Daisy!

Do you use the things you collect everyday? How do you feel about using something that may be special or one of a kind on a routine basis? I would love to hear from you!