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Photography Friday: 5 sources to improve your photography

30 Apr

2/365: In the rear-view mirror

Let me first get this out: I am glad that the last week is over. It has been a draining, emotional rollarcoaster (foster kids leaving unexpectedly, graduate finals, etc. ) and I have been totally off my game. And I find that during these off times, I neglect the things that make me sane. For me, that is snapping shots of life and getting some alone time in on the sewing machine. I will be enjoying both this weekend!

As a send off to the weekend, I thought I would share some of the {free!} resources, ebooks and websites that I have come across lately to glean a little photog knowledge:

1. Digital Photography School

2.  31 Days to a Better Photo from my3boybarians.com

Source: my3boybarians.com via Heather on Pinterest

3. Inspiration: Shutter Sisters

As much as I love how beautiful nature light portrait photography is, it is not my thing. I love the images, the expression, the art of the photography shared on Shutter Sisters.


4. Photography Fun: Photojojo

DIY hacks, cool gear, and neat ideas…I want to totally throw this photo scavenger hunt party!

5. Motivation: Esther Havens (Humanitatrian Photographer) Site & Blog

{if I had one big dream it would be to be able to use photography in this way…}

And, remember how one of my birthday goals was to watch a Ted talk every week? This is my talk this week: National Geographic’s photo director talks about how photography connects us:


Enjoy your weekend!