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Beauty in change…

4 May


  {tiger lily bouquet from the weekly trip to the farmer’s market}

Spring is a good time to be gearing up to move. (or, more accurately, gearing down…}

The sun warms my skin when I am outside. The flowers open their faces to the sun…


We have opened the windows wide, allowing the breeze to move in, moving my soul to want to clean house. Perhaps not cleaning in the traditional sense (much to my family’s chagrin), but the moment, the momentum, of the spring errupting has helped me begin to let go of the weight of the winter and of the items in my home that have weighed us down.


I don’t get serious around these parts very often but that fact often ignores some very real parts of who I am. I love to write. I love to share. But I have been trying to do it in a “genre appropriate way.” However, with the fact that I will no longer be blogging for an Etsy store and will not be thrfting and sharing the vintage love, my blog will surely evolve. And I want it to do so in a way that allows me to be authentic.


I read this article this morning over on Seth Gobin’s blog. While I want an audience for my words, I want to find an audience that relates to me for the person I am, the feelings we experience similarly, and the journey we are all taking.

PS…In preparation for our move, I am going to be moving June Vintage over to a new {free} platform. I am going back and forth between and Blogger. {I do love Tumblr the best but people/readers seem to be confused by it and are more familiar with the other two.} I love, love, love Squarespace but I want to shed the cost of playing for a blogging platform. Do you have any insight, opinion, or thoughts on it? Where do you like to read blogs? Where do you blog {and share your link!}? Please tell!


Sunday Gratitudes

1 May

Source: via Carrie on Pinterest

Today I am thankful for:

  • living near the beach
  • update (with apps!) to my Nook
  • strawberry season
  • we got {military moving} orders!!!
  • my family {permanent and temporary}
  • fresh flowers from the farmers market
  • being done with classes this semester
  • it being May!

{If you want a cute booklet to print to help you write down some gratitude, check out this printable from Whisker Graphics!}

What are you thankful for?